Our Pricing Flexible service plans with no hidden fees.

Our Pricing


We offer flexible services plans with no hiddens fees and multi-unit discounts.

Service Plans




Tenant Procurement1

1 Month's Rent 1 Month's Rent 1 Month's Rent

Management fee2

6%of one month's rent amount 8%of one month's rent amount 10%of one month's rent amount

Property Setup

$195 $195 $195
Pre-Leasing Property Evaluation
Rental Analysis
24/7 Showing Scheduler
Weekly Updates During Vacancy
Listing & Syndication Service
Listing on Garden State MLS
Zillow Group Advertising3 $1.25 $1.25
Professional High Quality Property Photos
(One-Time Charge)
$195 $195
Virtual Video Tour
(One-Time Charge)
$99 (Optional) $35
Video Walk-through Tour
(One-Time Charge)
$150 (Optional) $150 (Optional) $150 (Optional)
Comprehensive Tenant Screening
Lease Preparation & Signing
360 Move-In Property Report $175
Security Depost / Trust Account Management
Tenant Screening*
Coordinate Rental Registration $45
Coordinate Municipal Certificate of Occupancy Inspection $145
Lease Renewal
(compliance assessment, rental analysis and & contract execution)
$150 $150 $150
360 Move-Out Property Report $175
24/7 Online Tenant Portals
Rent Collection
Lease Enforcement
24/7 Maintenance Portal
24/7 Maintenance Emergency Hotline
Maintenance Coordination4
Home Warranty Dispatch $35 per work order $35 per work order $35 per work order
Annual Lease Compliance Inspection $99
Comprehensive Property Condition Report $195 1 FREE every 2 years 1 FREE Annually
Eviction Coordination with Attorney $300 Included if placed by PMI
$200 if not placed by PMI
Bill Pay5
Prompt Owner Payments6
Monthly Financial Reports
End of Year Financial & 1099 Reporting
SecondNature HVAC Protection Program
Adherence to Landlord Tenant Law
Adherence to Federal Fair Housing Laws
Adherence to NJ Laws Against Discrimination (LAD)
Adherence to NJ Security Deposit Trust Act
Adherence to State and Federal Laws
Tenants Resident Liability Insurance Available
Comprehensive Property Condition Report $175 each $175 each $175 each
External Property Check-up $59 $59 $59
Periodic lease compliance reports $99 $99 $99
Eviction Program7 $14.99 $14.99 $14.99
On-Time Rent Guarantee
Happiness Guarantee
Pet Guarantee (up to $1000)
Results Guarantee
Leasing Guarantee
30 Day Rental Guarantee
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Special Notes

1 - Depending on property location (town) and property type will drive whether Tenant Procurement Fee is paid by Landlord, Tenant or split 50/50. In many areas within Northern NJ, the TENANT pays the Leasing Fee.

2 - Management Fees are subject to the following minimums: Silver plan $99.00, Gold plan, $125, Platinum, $165

3 - Zillow Group has changed their model and now requires all listings to be paid for. In the past, we have been able to syndicate to the Zillow Group from our MLS system. We have negotiated a substantial discount from their standard rates and our clients are only billed for the actual days on market (Listing start date thru receipt of security deposit date)

4 - We have a 10% markup supervision fee on all renovation and maintenance coordination except recurring expenses. PMI provides 24/7 call center for emergency and diagnoses of every single work order prior to vendor dispatch. We also pass the discounts from our vendors directly to you.

5 - Bill pay as part of maintenance coordination included. Payments to Utility providers, landscapers, etc is a minimal processing fee of $5.00 per bill which includes postage and stationary.

6 - Owner draw processing begins on the 5th of the month and are processed every Friday through the end of the month.

7 - Eviction Program - PMI will cover up to $1000 of attorney fees for non-payment of rent, uncontested evictions

(**) Multi-Units

2-4 Unit Building 8% or $99 per unit minimum. Leasing Fee 100% of one month's rent or $1000 minimum.

5-15 Unit Building 7% or $90 per unit minimum. Leasing Fee 100% of one month's rent or $1000 minimum.

16-29 Unit Building 6% no cap. Leasing Fee is negotiable depending on duties of on-site manager.

30+ Unit Building 5% no cap. Leasing Fee is negotiable depending on duties of on-site manager.

Pricing is based on Gold Service Plan. Platinum Service plan is +2% for monthly management fee.